Olivia and Greg's wedding in Oxford was a beautiful union that seamlessly blended traditions from both the UK and the USA, with guests flying in from all around the world.

The ceremony took place in the iconic Queen's College, a place of special significance as it was where the bride and groom first met. This historic setting was not only the beginning of their love story but also a space where they celebrated their daughter's christening the following day, making it a weekend filled with love and joy.

After the heartwarming ceremony, guests were transported in London-style red buses to the Museum of Natural History, setting the stage for a unique and captivating reception. The drinks reception took place in the fascinating Pitt Rivers Museum, where guests were surrounded by a world of artefacts and wonder, creating an atmosphere of exploration and discovery.

The main dinner was held in the grand museum space, which was transformed into a safari-style spectacle. The room was adorned with lush greenery, foliage, and overhanging rattan lanterns, creating an immersive safari experience. The couple's personal touch was evident in the customised logo that included flags representing their origins and an adorable dog who couldn't attend the wedding in person but was present in spirit.

The wedding cake was a true showstopper, a testament to months of design and thought that went into it. It featured intricate safari animals and a breathtaking tree to top it off, making it a focal point of the evening. The celebrations continued into the night, with guests dancing and rejoicing to the tunes of the band, ensuring that Olivia and Greg's wedding was not just a celebration but a memorable safari of love, unity, and shared joy.

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