Bride and groom walking up steps at their pre wedding event at the British Museum for this Vogue wedding feature

A blend

Bride looking through her veil - Vogue wedding feature

Tara and Joel's wedding was a spectacular fusion of cultures, spanning several days of joyous celebrations. Seamlessly intertwining Tara's Middle Eastern roots with Joel's Swedish heritage, the event was a harmonious blend of traditions.

The festivities began at the renowned British Museum and Wallace Collection in London, where the pre-wedding events unfolded in a backdrop of art and history. The main wedding day took place at the elegant Four Seasons Hampshire, a stunning location for such a special day. The ceremony unfolded within the enchanting Walled Garden, where the gorgeous Sofreh Aghd took place was full of the most beautiful details including this magnificent feature backdrop which was a replicate of the walls of the grand “pink mosque” of Shiraz that dates back to the 19th century — a reminder of the internal peace we can find from within no matter where we are in the world.

The celebration continued in the ballroom, where dinner and dancing brought guests together in an atmosphere of pure delight. Amidst all the grandeur, fashion also took centre stage, reflecting the couple's keen eye for detail and style. Tara and Joel's wedding was a testament to the beauty of blending cultures and the power of love to create an unforgettable, transcendent experience.

Many items from this wedding were hand selected over a period of months by the bride herself whilst on her travels to ensure every detail was as per her vision for this beautiful wedding including the beautiful items on the Sofreh Aghd and the rose water handed out to guests.

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