The Secrets of an Osea Island Wedding

Osea Island Wedding Venue

When I’m invited to view a new venue that I haven’t seen before, one of the most exciting parts of the viewing is the drive up to the venue, capturing those first impressions and the breathtaking views, and Osea Island did not disappoint. Osea Island is only accessible by car for a limited number of hours of the day dictated by the tide, therefore, once myself and Anneli had parked up, we hopped into a river taxi and made our way over on the water.

Being only an hour outside of London, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were strolling along the shore in the Hamptons or Long Island, not off the coast of Essex on the Blackwater Estuary. Situated on nearly 550 acres, 5 miles of private beach and a 24-hour music and alcohol license, the possibilities really are endless. You’ll have exclusive hire of your own private island in your very own corner of paradise.

Strolling around this gorgeous island, my mind was racing with endless ideas and incredible designs that could take place here. With various indoor spaces as well as acres of greenery, it’s perfect for any season. From the Bomb Factory, Power House, Clubhouse and my favourite, The Shack, which had me thinking about one of my favourite films and the iconic line “I carried a watermelon”. Any guesses..?

One of the biggest criteria for most couples looking for a wedding venue now is exclusivity, and this is something that an Osea Island wedding or party has limitless amounts of. With a vast array of accommodations, from small cottages in the village to apartments and the waterfront Manor Houses, you can host every single one of your guests and make a weekend of it with your friends and family.

In their own words they claim;

“Osea doesn’t claim to be a luxury spa resort with uniformed personnel attending to your every whim, It’s really more a force of nature with silence being perhaps its greatest luxury! With only the stars for streetlights and an absence of traffic and aircraft noise, you may sleep deeply and wake up refreshed to the sound of bird song.”

If you’re currently looking for the most incredible Essex wedding venue or are planning an Osea Island wedding and need a little helping hand, or would like more information on Osea Island in general, then please do feel free to get in touch with us today. There’s nothing we love more than wedding planning on a beautiful exclusive island.